After extensive interdisciplinary research on how to manage the energy transition – and ultimately achieve a climate neutral electric energy system – the EL-TRAN consortium has collected its most prominent findings in a book entitled Electrification: Accelerating the Energy Transition (edited by Pami Aalto).

The book offers a broadly applicable framework for accelerating the energy transition and maps out possible obstacles. It combines academic research from technological fields with theoretical approaches from the social sciences. It furthermore draws on various country level case studies of electrification processes around the world.  

Electrification links together the various literatures of energy transition research, from the social sciences to law and engineering. This is why it is able to understand the wider societal context and thus assess in which kind of environments the technological and infrastructure solutions will be bear fruit. The analysis is extended to means of mainstreaming solutions that prove effective and to the policies required in accelerating the transition.  

Electrification: Accelerating the Energy Transition (edited by Pami Aalto; Elsevier / Academic Press) is available here.

The EL-TRAN Consortium is coordinated by the Tampere University. It is part of the programme ’A Climate-Neutral and Resource-Scarce Finland’. This programme is funded by the Strategic Research Council established within the Academy of Finland.

More information:

Professor Pami Aalto,, +358 (0)50 318 5952; @Eltranteam