The latest EL-TRAN policy brief “Nordic stakeholder views on how to develop the energy system by 2030” discusses how Nordic stakeholders view preferred combinations of policy options and technical solutions needed to achieve the ambitious energy transition targets of the Nordic states. The Nordic states aim for a 100% decarbonization of their energy system by 2050, with each state having also national GHG emission reduction and renewable energy targets.

Engaging a wide stakeholder base for the development of the energy system and energy policy in the Nordics is needed alongside the more technical cooperation engaged in so far. A joint regulatory, business and policy forum for discussion and developing new solutions is one way to achieve this.  Enhanced cooperation among technical authorities, energy business actors and energy policy makers may also be needed in order to further develop interlinked electricity infrastructure.  

The policy brief highlights three distinct views on possible combinations of policy options and technical solutions. View 1 prioritizes market and grid development, View 2 focuses on electric transport as well as solar and wind power. Both views enjoy strong inter-Nordic support. View 3, supported by Finnish respondents, focuses on security of supply and prioritizes biofuels over electric transport. The role of biofuels versus electric transport emerged as a policy issue in the analysis. Yet, the common ground among the stakeholders should be used to support efforts of further cooperation and policy development in the Nordic countries.

The policy brief uses Q-method to analyze the subjective views of 43 Nordic stakeholders from different sectors such as public authorities, energy companies and NGOs.

The EL-TRAN Consortium is coordinated by the Tampere University. It is part of the programme ’A Climate-Neutral and Resource-Scarce Finland’. This programme is funded by the Strategic Research Council established within the Academy of Finland.

Kilpeläinen, S., Aalto, P., Toivanen, P., Lehtonen, P., Holttinen, H. (2020) Nordic stakeholder views on how to develop the energy system by 2030, EL-TRAN Policy Brief 2/2020.

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